Editor Commands

Posted onFebruary 8, 2017

Ctrl ]         Insert ]  value mark

Ctrl \         Insert \ subvalue mark

BI = Equivalent to the Universe ‘FORMAT’

0001 Esc            Go to Command->

0001 Ctrl X         Exit

0001 Ctrl A         Move to start of current line

0001 Ctrl E         Move to end of current line

0001 Ctrl W         Delete word

0001 Ctrl K         Clear to end of line.

0001 Ctrl DD        Delete current line

0001 Ctrl G         Mark block.

0001 Ctrl L         Insert line below current line

0001 Ctrl N         Locate next occurrence

0001 Ctrl O         Toggle overwrite and insert.

0001 Ctrl T         Mirror character above

0001 Ctrl V         Indent for BASIC

0001 Ctrl ]         Insert ]  value mark

0001 Ctrl \         Insert \ subvalue mark

Command->ex         Exit

Command->exk        Exit key. Do not load list items

Command->FI         Save and exit

Command->FS         Save

Command->FD         Delete record

Command->nn         Go to line nn

Command->L string   Locate “string”

Command->/string    Locate “string string”

Command->CAn        Copy Marked block after current line, n times

Command->CBn        Copy Marked block before current line, n times

Command->MAn        Move Marked block after current line, n times

Command->MBn        Move Marked block after current line, n times

Command->DEn        Delete line after current line. n times

Command->R/a/b/n    Change a to b on current line. n times

Command->RU/a/b     Change all a to b on current line.

Command->R9/a/b     Change a to b on 9 lines from current.

Command->BI         Format BASIC code

Command->BION       Turn on Format indentation

Command->S?         Display record size

Command->! Cmd      Execute command

Command->!!         Re-execute last ! Cmd

Command->HEX        Toggle the display in Hexadecimal


jsh command

Globus>ls           Execute unix cmd excluded pipe, redirection, wildcards characters

Globus>env          Display environment setting unix

Globus>Row up       Command stack  Get previous command

Globus>Ctrl e       Command stack  Move to end of line

Globus>Ctrl a       Command stack  Move to beginning of line

Globus>ESEARCH      Search string in records


jsh command for administration

Globus>jdiag           Display environment setting jbase

Globus>jshow           Show catalog

Globus>jstat -?        Analyse file sizing

Globus>jrf -?          Resize file

Globus>where (V        Display process details

Globus>show-item-locks Display locks

Globus>logoff Portno   Logoff user